Entrust us with your body of water, we will make your new business shine in the best possible way!

The idea is revolutionary. Transforming marinas into tourist destinations even for those without a boat.
This is the Floating Resort project developed by Omar Angeli.
Modular floating houses, well equipped and finished, complete with swimming pool, winter garden and berth, but certified as pleasure craft, therefore exempt from municipal permits and various bureaucracy. They can be moored in a tourist port, one of the first examples is in the Rimini Marina, or in any protected body of water. The housing units are built by multinational companies with construction materials that do not require maintenance (the average life of the unit is estimated at 20 years). The “WoWflush” system installed on board (a certified waste water purifier) ​​allows direct discharge into the water. Alternative tourist destinations of high quality and low environmental impact (the roof can be covered with photovoltaic panels), appear as a commercial possibility even for ports that want to expand their offer.

We present some of our projects

Let yourself be lulled by the sweet sound of the water, while the view is satisfied by the beautiful scenery that only nature can offer, wonderful sunrises and sunsets.
Boats to be inhabited with all comforts, with a view and sunset over the Tagliamento river and with all the services of the Marina Resort Marina Uno. Two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a small terrace overlooking the river: the original holiday in the middle of the water and nature you were looking for. A unique location, from which to admire the mouth of the river and the sea, the swans, the egrets and the seagulls and the many fish of the house in Marina Uno. A stone's throw from the typical restaurant Al Cason for aperitifs, lunches and dinners, the rental of motor boats at the Offshore Unimar to go up the river and arrive with the Litoranea Veneta in the lagoon of Marano and Grado or in that of Caorle and then up to Venice, the bars of the port
for breakfast or a snack, swimming pools for adults and children with lifeguard with MIP license, bathrooms and showers, washing machines and dryers, diving school with lessons first in the pool and then in the sea, school of nautical licenses with accelerated courses, the boat pass to cross the river and get to the Punta Tagliamento lighthouse, the nearby cycle path along the river, the beach of Bagno Sei in Lignano Riviera with the area reserved for four-legged friends and even more.

For more than thirty years, the Pescaccia Village has made of its passion for hospitality its distinctive trait, which blends luxury and the pleasure of living, uniqueness and tradition.

Villaggio la Pescaccia is located in an area rich in culture and popular traditions. Inserted in a scenario of rare beauty, in the magnificent setting of an uncontaminated and magnetic nature, between a crystalline sea and the Romagna hills, the Pescaccia Village is an ideal experience for those who want to spend unforgettable holidays. A place of art, romantic and relaxing, for those who want to regenerate in a magical and exclusive environment.

Aqua Resort is an innovative and unique holiday idea throughout the Abruzzo region. Houseboat experience means trying something never experienced before: letting yourself be lulled by the waves, looking out and seeing the sunset directly from the water, turning around and seeing in the distance the blurred outlines of the historic center of Giulianova, which embraces and protects your tranquility.

Choosing and indulging in the houseboat experience will be very different from a stay by the sea, because you will be on the sea, you will almost feel like you are part of it. An ideal situation to take some time for yourself, made even more attractive by an exclusive mix: the feeling of freedom that only a holiday on the sea can give you and the comfort of a houseboat designed for your complete relaxation.

Aqua Resort is a project by Narramondo Group, a travel agency and tour operator that marries the philosophy of travel as an experience that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Aqua Resort

Do you want to spend a night in Tanzania?
Now you can, a stone's throw from Turin!

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Live the unique experience of a night under the stars and wake up in the Savannah!

Breakfast with the giraffes, exclusive walk at sunrise, talk and visit of the nine habitats, a dip in the pool and evenings with many unmissable events.

The new 2021 is LAKE EYASI RESORT
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Do you want to try a unique experience and sleep on a houseboat?

The Marina di Rimini Resort offers its guests an exclusive and unforgettable holiday.
On board our House Boats you can experience indelible emotions at the top of comfort, air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and even a large terrace where you can have lunch, dinner or breakfast.

Other Projects